Monday, January 7, 2008

DATELINE: Kingscote, Australia                                                    

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Author: Nick

Wifi is non existant around these parts so I'll write now, upload later.

Kangaroo Island is 100 miles long, 25 miles off shore, and completely

isolated. Yesterday we went to Paul's Place, the best $12 I've spent so

far. Part tourisy trap, part wildlife park in some guy's large back

yard. We got to hold kangaroos, punch koals, get beat up by sheep, and

get accosted by emus. The pictures tell the whole story. I helped 3

Swedish girls get their busted old 1970's Mazda station wagon running

(3.1L Inline 6 with a very stuck and dirty choke.) Then it was off to

Flinder's Chase National Park on the far western end of the Island. Most

of the park has burnt to a crisp recently (and may still be burning...)

so we only saw a small corner of it - Remarkable Rocks and Admiral's

Arch. Thar be seals here! New Zealand Fur Seals... On the way back to

Kingscore we saw 5 or 6 'roos and dozens of wallabies, most of them

still alive (there was plenty or roadkill too...) Oh, and 2 sheep just

outside Kingscote, hanging in the middle of the road. They came pretty

close to becoming our new hood ornament... It was chip and a crappy

grilled ham sandwich for dinner since the pizza place closed early...

The sign said 11, and we were there at 10:45. Wankers...

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