Saturday, January 5, 2008

DATELINE: Goolwa, Australia                                                    

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Author: Andy

Last night we made it all the way to Portland in western Victoria. We ran into some problems though trying to find a place to stay. Apparently since it is summer, the towns along the water are heavily booked. Moreover, after a certain hour, the registration desks close and it becomes almost impossible to find a place.

While Nick waited in the car, quietly resigning himself to sleeping there, i went into this weird roadhouse bar-meets-casino full of drunk middle-aged people. One of them overheard me explaining our plight to the bartender and recommended the caravan park at which he was staying. The bartender looked it up in the yellow pages and we called to confirm they had room for us. I punched the address into my n95 and we used nokia maps to get us there. The cabin itself was great; it had two seperate bedrooms and came with a big can of bug killer. There were some monstrous exotic bugs in there.

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