Wednesday, January 2, 2008

DATELINE: Canberra, Australia                                                    

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Author: Andy

This town is alot like Trenton, NJ. Just sayin'.

Apparently there's a big car festival in town called Summernats. There are all these souped-up classic cars driving around. And burly swearing drunk guys with goatees. Our hotel in particular has got quite the social scene going on right now in the parking lot.

One funny thing about driving here is that the turn signal is on the right. So half the time when we try to signal a turn, we turn on the windshield wipers instead. We've left a lot of confused aussies in our wake, but our windshield is spotless.

Here are some mantras we've been using to cope with driving on the wrong side of the road:

"right is the new left"

"left is the new right"

"there is no spoon"

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