Monday, January 7, 2008

DATELINE: Kangaroo Island, Australia                                                    

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Author: Nick

ON THE BOAT from Kangaroo Island

Got new tyres this morning ($240, paid for by Avis. Took 20 minutes, and

I'm in the the middle of no where... I need to raise my tyre prices...)

The old tyres were almost bald (1/32 inch or tread left) and we're about

to head into the Outback, with 1500 miles of driving to go. We're on the

boat from Kangaroo Island to Cape Jarvis now... This afternoon it's

Cricket in Adelaide, and on to Port Agusta for the night. I just saw an

ad for the Adelaide Fringe Festival; It reminded me of jut how gay JG

is. I wonder if he's read this far...

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