Friday, December 28, 2007

DATELINE: Sydney, Australia                                                    

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Author: Andy

After hanging out in Hyde park I got a TransitPass and we went to the Justice & Police museum back up near Central Quay. They had a temporary exhibition on the socialist and fascist movements in depression-era Australia. They also had a theater with a loop of old newsreel footage and police training videos. My favorite was "Meet the computer."

We walked over and took our obligatory pictures of the opera house. There was a wedding going on there, and I was amused to see Japanese tourists taking pictures of it. Not to be outdone, I took pictures of the Japanese tourists taking pictures of the wedding photographer who was taking pictures of the actual wedding.

We stopped for a bit to watch a street performer juggling knives and chainsaws and engaging in witty banter with passersby. He made a particular point of making fun of Germans for some reason.

We closed the day with a lovely dinner prepared by Eliot's mom.

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